Move Forward with What You Know

As I write this, I'm working on building out an extensive community for all the attendees who've signed up for Pioneer Nation. It often happens that as my mind gets carried away in the cool stuff that I'm working on that I think, "Hm, but I'm not sure how this piece is going to work, that seems difficult..."

That sense of, "I don't know yet." halts my progress as my brain hounds on it.

Then, as time goes by with little progress, my interest in working at all begins to disintegrate.

The lack of interest turns into fear, "I've gotten so little done, am I ever going to be able to finish this?"

Not long after, the fear turns into resentment, "Why do I even have to do this anyway?!"

Living in fear of not finishing and anger of your work is a truly unfortunate way to spend your time and effort yet I've noticed that it happens to all sorts of people all the time.

The solution I've found is this:

Realize that what you're worrying about is usually 2 or 3 steps away and somewhere there's a piece of the puzzle that you do know how to execute on, right now.

Write down the part you don't know yet, stop thinking about it and work on the part you do know.

I know it's simple, but this changes everything.

One simple action leads to the next, hours go by and momentum is built.

Now the work feels fun and you get a gentle high from the progress you've made.

Suddenly, you're up against the hard part from before and you learn that your subconscious mind has been thinking about it the entire time.

When it's actually time, the answer just drops into your consciousness and now you have the momentum to execute on it.

Or maybe that doesn't happen. Maybe that hard part is still hard. Except now it is actually relevant, so it actually makes sense to focus your full efforts on resolving that issue.

Are you stuck on something right now?

Write that problem down for later - it's not going anywhere - then take a step forward on a something you do know.