Work with Me

Don't lose a year of your time and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars only to find that your software product idea isn't quite right.

Let's work together to quickly iterate on small chunks of your concept so you can figure out what works and what doesn't, without wasting time or money.

Developing software can be costly, time-consuming and just difficult to wrap your head around. Most designers don't develop and most developers don't design, which opens the door to miscommunication and slow downs.

My specialty is taking your concept from Zero to Launchable handing everything from design to development and even including the infrastructure you'll need to support your new product.

I work iteratively and in small chunks so you're constantly seeing progress and we're able to quickly get simple versions in front of real users.

You'll get to a usable, sellable product much faster and from there we can make arrangements for further development or for you to grow a team to continue developing your product.

Interested in moving forward with your product?

E-mail me: or call: 914-433-9535


How does your process work?

We start by having a conversation and understanding the problem you're trying to solve and who has that problem.

From there, we'll talk about really matters to move your idea one step forward.

We'll determine what we can create with the least resources to confirm that the group you've identified is willing to spend money on the solution you're proposing.

Sometimes, all that's necessary to start is a clickable mockup that you can use to pitch your idea to potential customers. You can even collect pre-order payments and use them to fund further development.

Other times, we'll define the most critical features and build a simplified product that you can immediately start getting out to users.

From there, we'll continue to iteratively develop your product in phases that are targeted to answer shortcomings we've identified and get results.

With each iteration you'll learn important lessons and gain confidence in your product.

Who's behind this and who does the work?

Oh, hey there! My name is Nicky Hajal and I'll be with you every step of the way as we build your product.

I learned to program when I was 12 and have been designing and developing professionally for well over 10 years.

That amount of experience has allowed me to develop tools and techniques to very rapidly develop high-quality initial prototypes of digital products.

I've also learned all too well how easy it easy to spend 8 months working on a product that it turns out no one wants. Let's use my experience to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Will I need to completely rebuild my product as it grows?

Definitely not! Although we're building an MVP, everything will have a strong foundation that will be easy to build and grow off of in the future.

I develop everything in JavaScript using modern best practices so you'll have no problems finding developers in the future that can easily jump into the code base.

What's included in our work together?

If we determine a mock-up is all that's necessary, I'll provide a clickable, interactive mockup using Marvel or Invision. This will include basic graphic + user interface design (clean & professional, but nothing ground-breaking).

If we move forward with an MVP, this will include:

  • Backend API development
  • Frontend development
  • Initial infrastructure (server, database, caching, email setup, etc.)
  • Analytics integration
  • Basic graphic + user interface design

Interested in moving forward with your product?

E-mail me: or call: 914-433-9535